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What is Hack4me?

Hack4me allows you to recover a Facebook account in just minutes from the ID and directly from our site. To begin, simply insert a valid ID from an existing profile on the social network Facebook.

How it works

Our Shellcode uses the latest exploits of Facebook to find the password of the targeted account, you have nothing to do our online tool does the work for you. You receive logins in minutes on the email of your choice .. That's it!

Quality service

We offer a professional service through the panel, a tool that we update every day and that has been around for 5 years, with our experience you are guaranteed to hack a Facebook account.


  • I recovered my old account in a few minutes thanks to identfiants sent to my mailbox, thank you Hack4me


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  • The online panel is super well done, and the results are there. I was able to get the password from my boyfriend's Facebook account. I recommend/blockquote>


  • I did not think it would be so easy because I do not know anything about computers but everything is automatic there is nothing to do I am not disappointed thank you very much.


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Need to recover the password of a Facebook account? We can help you with our homemade exploit kit based on injecting packets into content delivery networks ( CDNs ) that may contain sensitive information such as private photos or conversations. And with the latest version of the GBU-exploit it is now possible to obtain the MD5 encrypted hash of the password of the Facebook account. So using our GB exploites, you can hack any facebook account easily and free. Our servers in the cloud (or computing cloud that leverages computing power) then deals with decrypting the MD5 hash by coupling thousands of pre-existing hash lists. The exploit used by Hack4me is a Bruteforcenew generation, which will test the targeted account with millions of password lists, from servers around the world with TOR. Thus, not only thanks to the exploit the account is not blocked, but in addition with a change of ip via the TOR network, the system can test combinations as many times as possible.


To start the process of recovering a targeted Facebook account, please click on the "Start" tab

Our site will teach you from A to Z how to recover the logins of a Facebook account to which you do not have access, this may be an old lost account or just a profile that you would like to modify. We can also help you to hack instagram account which reqires a completely different set of methods to hack; which, only we employ in our process. The new version of the site allows a new function! You can download all the private photos as well as the albums of the targeted person. The last shellcode used here is a SQL injection in the Facebook database, often called exploit because these small malicious codes are intended to exploit a flaw in a computerized system. Warning ! It is possible to make a piracy directly with a trojan (trojan, short rat malicieu tool what) or a stealer however this operation requires a level quite high because it must be able to insert a usb key on the computer target, while ensuring that it is FUD ie not detected by anti-virus. However we do not recommend this method because it is long and tedious./p>


Fortunately, you can count on Hack4me, indeed our automated panel based on the latest exploits on Facebook will allow you to recover the facebook account of your worst enemy, your girlfriend or anyone who is in your viewfinder. Hacking a facebook without software is possible, with our API, all the information of the targeted account is available in a few minutes like private photos or discussions with all of his friends! Then we can also send you these logins on a specific email address, just specify it!



We do not go to war with a water pistol. Hack4me is the perfect tool to hack a Facebook account quickly and without software with the latest exploits such as GBU SQL Query. Hacking is above all a science and penetration testing is one of the most active branches of the moment. It is possible to hack a Facebook with a RAT or a stealer however this kind of technique is unsuitable for easy use .. You will however need a minimum of information before starting the hacking. Let us recover the Facebook account of your choice for you! We have the tools adapted to hack. Did you know that on the Internet the provision of this kind of service is charged between 500 and 2000 euro on hackers places such as hackforums.net or hackhound.org (English hackers forums)? We offer a private service of similar level but at a price sacrificed with the guaranteed recovery of login logins to the Facebook account! Exclusively for our customers based in France, this professional service is made up of a team of hardened coders who has been updating this online piracy panel for several years now. Hack4me.is is probably the best Facebook account hacking service of the moment with our API.




Hack4me is a recovery panel created for the purpose of recovering any Facebook account in just minutes. However, you will need a minimum of preparation to succeed. The first step is to choose your target, for this go to his profile Facebook, and look at the top of your browser in the address bar its URL then copy and paste it on our panel to start the recovery of the Facebook account. Our script will access the thousands of servers that Facebook has to retrieve the secret question, the e-mail as well as the password of your victim. The total account data will be sent to you by email or displayed on the hack panel. Hacking an account is not like in movies one! It took us more than three years to successfully create this feat, we had to test more than 300 scripts! To hack the Facebook account you must go to the bottom of the website by clicking here and copy the ID of your victim and enter it in the box provided on it. Sometimes sites offer hackers Facebook accounts against sums of money of the style 1500-5000 euros, except that everything is free and functional. Do not be made like thousands of people on the internet. Thanks to a VPN installed on our servers, when you access the victim's Facebook account, your location will be in Thailand, it will protect you. We work too much, so we set up an automated system, much more complex than our manual hacks, 9 months after we released our first prototype Facebook hacking. Initially we used this script we even devoid of design it was awful and too complex and dangerous to leave it self-service. So we took orders and in the evening we took care to introduce them into our computers and let them finish during the night (hacking thousands of accounts takes time, but 1 account takes about 30 seconds). Then came the moment when we did not even have time to enter the accounts in our computers, we received not only orders from our university but also from all the universities nearby and far away, even on other continents, people who had heard of our miracles! It often happens that users of the social network site Facebook is in the position to hack a facebook account or even several in some cases. The biggest problem these people will face is the action, hack a facebook account, hack a facebook account. Well we are here for you! Our role is precisely to help you in this great future who can parraitre complex, but who enfaite happens to be very easy thanks to us. Initially we were a small team of computer developers, who hacked some Facebook accounts for their classmates. Then it was the entire University of MIT that finally asked for our help. Overwhelmed by work (hundreds and hundreds of accounts per day), we had to do with the problem of availability, we did not have time to go to class! So we decided to open a website 100% automated people had only to enter the identifier (the name) of the account he wanted to hack, and the website did all the rest! After weeks of programming (very complex codes and algorithms) our site was ready. You are currently on it. Note site has started to receive visits from people all over the world and we are quickly moving from passionate student to a company. And here we are today at the head of our multinational pentesting. The majority of people wanting to know how to hack a Facebook account have, for the most part, valid reasons, and in most cases a rather explicit intention: caring mothers want to know where their children are and what they do in that area. huge social network. Couples suspecting sexual infidelity may also want to be able to hack a Facebook account to satisfy their curiosity. In this modern age, social networks are used by all of us, and they present a new way of socializing and, of this, of living. We share our secrets, images, anecdotes, and more with our friends on Facebook. These simple details make people want illegal access to your Facebook account. Hacking Facebook accounts has never been easier. Our team has developed a new technology that we named TruecryptFR, capable of decrypting and penetrating any type of encryption in less than a few seconds. Not only this, but our TruecryptFR technique allows you to hack any Facebook account by entering the link of the victim's Facebook profile; our complex system identifies the person and proceeds to the hacking of the Facebook account. TruecryptFR is a very simple tool to use. HowPiraterFacebook penetrates all the vulnerabilities of Facebook's security system in order to access its database in an efficient way and, from this, obtain the necessary encryption in order to obtain the password. HowPiraterFacebook is the only site that allows you to find your Facebook account without the need to download software, which in most cases contains viruses. The generated password is not modified by our system, which allows you a discreet access to the accounts of your relatives without them suspecting anything. Our system is undetectable by Facebook, and our experts believe that it will take Facebook years to fix their flaws. Hacking the Facebook account has never been easier. FB is the only word that has changed the way we view the Internet today. When we talk about social media, the first thing that comes to mind is the word FB. Its origins date back to 2001 when it was founded, this social media site has grown by leaps and bounds and is the most popular way for people, known or unknown to be put in touch. FB has become an exception to the rule; Ask someone if they have an FB account, and you will be greeted with a strange look because it is sure that most people are users. Contrary to popular perception, it is actually quite easy to enter the FB system and hack into an FB account. There were FB account hacking hosts, hacking programs, contributions and systems that also show you the names of people who have visited your profile. However, they are all crooks, and we are the real tool companies that actually offer. Due to the high number of people who have their accounts on this site, there are also a lot of hackers trying to get into the accounts and few people are really able to hack an fb account. We have a request to hack an extremely simple FB web based FB account that services we offer for no cost. You do not have to create professional hackers who charge a bomb and take your time to decode the next hacking process. All you need to do is log in and enter the URL of the account you want to hack and voila! They are in their account, his driving. How to hack an FB account? You need to know why we offer such a service, what are our motivations behind doing this, ask for free in particular. We assure you that we will not hack into your account or account for the person you have given us to hack. Our intent is quite noble that we have behind creating hacking-count.com just try to help people with this. Nobody will ever know that you have hack someone's fb account and your account information stays safe with us. We close all connections securely and remove all traces of the hack occurred. With the way that expands the field of social media, a simple FB status or message must compromise the power of your family and friends. For security reasons to hack crime prevention units, often, FB accounts of sex offenders, push shop and such other anti-social element suspect for any type of lead or evidence that their capture and their arrest could allow. You can also use our free service for child safety predators who use the Internet. Every day, thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked. Have you ever wondered how this is possible? This is because of the exploitable and major hole in their security system. Facebook, today is recognized as the social network and the most used site in the world. It has its own security holes that allows hackers to compromise accounts easily. You have to wonder why do people hack Facebook accounts? The answer is simple. There are various reasons why one would like to hack a person's Facebook account. Parents might want to see what their kids are doing online to watch for them. A friend may want to see what their boyfriend is doing behind their backs. A husband would want to check if his wife is faithful, or vice versa. Today, on the Internet, social networks have become one of the most popular things for people of all ages. Many people share their darkest and deepest secrets, interests, likes and dislikes with their friends. And that's is why people want to have access to other accounts to know everything about them. In today's world many professional hackers offer services to hack a Facebook account. But you have to pay between $ 100 - $ 10000 for a single account. Do you really believe that these people pay this amount to hack someone? Yes they do it. For example, if you have a business and you want to see what your competitors are doing or you want to knock them down, that kind of money is not a big deal. In the same way, people have different reasons to hack a Facebook account. But wait! Why should you pay to hack someone on Facebook when you can do it for free !!! Yes, you heard right. You can actually hack n ' Anyone on Facebook in minutes and totally free. If you are looking on the Internet, you can see many exploits that have been found on Facebook. But most of them are corrected. We have the latest and uncorrected exploits from various sources around the world to work on Facebook. Thus, guaranteeing 100% success. So what are you waiting for? Just click the button below and start hacking !! Although this kind of method seems illegal, it is quite legal to use because you are not the creator of the script to hack facebook. Hacking a facebook account, hacking a facebook account, in short, finding a facebook account, these are all synonyms that are used on this site. In fact, Although Facebook has managed to increase their security against facebook account hacking, we are still in the running. All passwords are not hacked on the first attempt. Hacking a facebook password or hacking a facebook account is not a lot to do, especially when it's online. The chances of breaking the process to hack a facebook are high but after a few attempts, the data to hack the facebook account go to our server and we decipher them. How to hack facebook? It's simple, click on the button just above. By using the system that is offered on our site, you will be able to hack a Facebook account in just a few moments. You will now be able to access any Facebook account, that of your friends, your partner, your work colleagues, or any other Facebook account you can think of. The forgetfulness of your password will no longer be a problem that must be solved with difficult recovery methods offered by Facebook, you regain control of your account in just a few moments. Never again worry about losing your password. You will be taught how to hack a Facebook account. You probably ask the question about the operation of the system that allows to hack a Facebook account in just a few buttons of the mouse. The system runs on a code that is written in such a way that it uses the weak spots still without correction from the Facebook team. The team behind our system works continuously to give you a favorable experience of use, and allow you to have a favorable outcome with every move that you are trying to hack into a Facebook account. Be sure to follow our page to see what's new on the hacking concept that shows you how to hack a Facebook account. To hack a Facebook account, simply enter the Facebook address that belongs to the profile of the person you want to access the account. There is no need to download to your computer's hard drive because everything is done directly on the website, online. The system encoded by our team accesses information from Facebook servers, and uses sophisticated decryption algorithms, which in the end will provide you with the password of the account in question. With this system, you will be able to access any Facebook account, because there are no differences in the encryption of information belonging to different accounts. The password you get with our system will be the same as the one the user uses on the site. If the user changes his password, you will be able to reuse our system to obtain the password again. Our team is working in such a way to counter any changes in Facebook's protection system, so it's almost impossible for you to be successful in hijacking a Facebook account. The return of our users, and the expansion of the public who has access to this site is very important to us, so we would appreciate a lot if you shared the page on your social networks. We strive to maintain the quality of the site and the reputation of one of the few sites that shows you how to hack a Facebook account, and who manages to keep the promises given. We want to ensure that our users come back, and that our service uses it so that it is not a limit system, but a method that can hack a Facebook account accessible to all.